Saturday, September 18, 2010

this one's for the BOYS ??!!!

So you've seen the girls stuff for our April wedding, 203 days to go! Now it's the boys turn. Our gentlemen will be sporting some vintage threads as well. The groom will be wearing a suit vest and slacks by Perry Ellis. While the groomsmen will be sporting dress slacks, dress shirts, ties, and suspenders. I'm hoping that two of the groomsmen will sport newsboy hats along with our ring bearer.

Yes, our groom just the one in the picture to the right will be comfortable with his sleeves rolled up. This is how my fiancé wears his dress shirts everyday to work, mis-well be comfortable on your wedding day, right??? to the left is our adorable ring bearer outfit. This will also be in light grey. How handsome are, our men going to be that day in their attire.!.

We finally found Troy's wedding band, gosh that boy is picky. Oh yay, i was too. He'll be wearing it for life so i guess it takes time. We fell in love with this delicate looking mens ring. Or as delicate looking as a man's ring can get...


  1. I really love the ring bearer outfit above. Where are you getting them from?

  2. The ring bearer outfit is adorable. Indeed where did you get it from?

  3. I think the ring is elegant and very manly!

  4. I know this was already asked, but where did you get the ring bearer outfit?! Love it, think it is ADORABLE!

  5. I am going to ditto on the ring bearer outfit question!

  6. Agree with the ring bearer comments... and just stumbled across the source by chance! Check out this fabulous Etsy shop for great children's clothing finds:

    Happy wedding!

    1. AKA Etsy Shop "Fine Handmade Clothing"

  7. Such cute ring bearer outfits for boys!