Friday, July 23, 2010

how much is that puppy in the window

As i had mentioned in my last post we want a puppy...not until spring but were already getting excited and started looking online. We already had a few breeds in mind. So here i am sharing with you the breeds that we think we would like to bring into new home..

I wonder how our kitties are gonna feel about this! The first little guy is a malimute, second is a border collie, third is a husky, and fourth is a german sheapherd. You can definitely see a trend that we like big strong hairy dogs...We want one with good energy! Plus look how darn adorable they makes me want one like crazy! Here's some pics of our kitties as well. So they don't feel left out!

The first one here is our old fart Maggie, she's 20 this year. The much younger kitty is Rio she's 7. Love them both...they are so gonna hate having a dog...opps!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Our Love Nest

We bought our first home in April. It's a rustic colonial style brick ranch with amazing architecture. Coved ceilings, arched doorways, multi-pane large windows, and an acre lot for possibly a puppy next spring. I'll be posting interior design inspirations!!! this first set of pictures is for our living room. Were keeping the existing wall color which is deep purplish pink. With that we thought what the heck kind of colors can we have in there. The old design had green accents...looked pretty but reminded me of being that I work with a color wheel on a daily basis with my job in design I figured rustic brown furniture, lots of turquoise, and bits of gold. I'm super excited, let me know what you think!, craiglist, and antique shops have been my best friends, finding odds and ends to furnish with. These items were found on etsy. You can find the link at the bottom of this post
this treaure wil be our coffee table, you can find them at antique stores or searching craigslist. Added bonus, it doubles as storage, YAY!!!
were placing old antique bottles on our beautiful brick fireplace's wooden mantle. Loved these owls..also found these on etsy.
ok, how freakin cute is this?!? kitty Rio is going to love this!...

Turquoise side table found @ Poppyseedliving on Etsy
Rustic key hold found @ resplendid on Etsy
Square blue glass bottle found @ JordanJames on Etsy
Glass bottles painting found @ leapinggazelle on Etsy
Sleepy owl in turquoise found @ pouch on Etsy
Vintage suitcase kitty bed found @ lovenostalgicwhimsy on Etsy

Monday, July 19, 2010

L is for the way you look at me

i have never been the girl to really care for pink, yet our wedding will be an array of muted pinks, creams, and gray. our wedding will be timeless. vintage. classic. yet original, much like ourselves.

golden lockets. pockets watches. pearls. and cameo's will be worn with style as our bridesmaids and groomsmen walk the aisle.

My dress has been created by a friend and designer. I gave her my mothers dress and she took it apart and turned it into a completely different dress for me. i was inspired by this country victorian dress featured below....

our chapel needs no decoration. it's beautiful all on its own. but our reception will be adorned with a few decorations like our birdcage. a family wedding tree. mason jars with blooms and tea lights....
my ring is very unique. i cherish it! it is an uncut diamond. unbleached. completely raw. surrounded by the brilliance of a pavé diamond is a true diamond in the rough