Friday, July 23, 2010

how much is that puppy in the window

As i had mentioned in my last post we want a puppy...not until spring but were already getting excited and started looking online. We already had a few breeds in mind. So here i am sharing with you the breeds that we think we would like to bring into new home..

I wonder how our kitties are gonna feel about this! The first little guy is a malimute, second is a border collie, third is a husky, and fourth is a german sheapherd. You can definitely see a trend that we like big strong hairy dogs...We want one with good energy! Plus look how darn adorable they makes me want one like crazy! Here's some pics of our kitties as well. So they don't feel left out!

The first one here is our old fart Maggie, she's 20 this year. The much younger kitty is Rio she's 7. Love them both...they are so gonna hate having a dog...opps!


  1. Malimutes dont have blue eyes and get HUGE. Huskies are smaller than Malimutes and always have blue or green eyes. There both crazy!! Our dog moose needs constant attention and always getting into things! So I think that's a big factor, making sure you have the time to train a husky/malimute. They are runners too!

  2. Were both runners and they say if you take them for a run in the morning that they tend to not be as obnoxious during the day while they are at home. Plus we have an acre fenced in yard, so that's a plus. I'm used to having large energetic dogs and my mom used to be a dog breeder and we did our own I'm hoping we will be good owners. And i know, i love the blue eyes of a husky....that's what breed i'm pushing for...but Troy really likes the We will see! How is Moose on being a guard dog...because that was why we were looking for a german shepherd???!BTW...Moose is freakin adorable!